Guide to the Spanish town of Villajoyosa located on the northern Costa Blanca.

Town Guide to Villajoyosa Spain

Villajoyosa - Located just ten kilometres south of Benidorm on Spain's Costa Blanca, the town of Villajoyosa is a small coastal resort which started life as a fishing village many centuries ago. Its busy fishing harbour still welcomes in the town's fishermen, and their daily catch is still auctioned off on the quayside much as it has been for hundreds of years.

One of the notable features of Villajoyosa is its brightly coloured seafront houses, painted in various shades of red, yellow and blue, the purpose of which was to stand out from each other when viewed from afar, so that its fishermen could see their individual houses from far offshore and steer their way safely home.

During the 19th century another industry developed in the town, that of chocolate making. Started by a local citizen called Don Valeriano López Lloret, the chocolate business grew and became a major earner for the town, a museum in Villajoyosa tells the history of this craft for which the town is famous and many tourist visit to taste the chocolate and learn about how it is made.

A good time to visit Villajoyosa is during a fiesta or festival and a couple of the main ones in the town are during May (in honour of St Isidore) and September (dedicated to the Archangel Michael). Villajoyosa can be reached via the N-332 coast road or from the A-7 motorway, it is about twenty minutes drive from Alicante airport.

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