Tenerife Map

Interactive Tenerife map also showing La Gomera in the Spanish Canary Islands.

Interactive Map of Tenerife and La Gomera

Tenerife Map: Here is a useful interactive Google map of Tenerife and also La Gomera, both islands in the Spanish Canary Islands, located off the north-west coastline of Africa.

This Tenerife map is shown in satellite mode, giving an interesting view of the island, you can use the 'Map' or 'Terrain' versions to get different views.

This Tenerife map zooms and pans so that you can get in close and view your destination resort and even get a street map of a specific town or resort (used 'Map' mode).

Easy to spot on this Tenerife map are the major towns and resorts of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, San Cristobal de la Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz, Arona, Adeje, Candelaria and Tacoronte, you can also see the huge Mount Teide National Park, the Parque Nacional del Teide, the most visited national park in Spain. To view the better known Tenerife seaside resorts you will need to zoom in a little closer.

Tenerife is a very popular holiday destination and has a huge choice of hotels and holiday accommodation, you can book Tenerife hotels by using the booking form provided on this page.

Tenerife is the most populous of the Canary Islands, with almost 900,000 residents, it has an area of 2,034 square kilometres, and attracts around 5 million visitors each year, the capital of the island is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which as you can see on this Tenerife map is on the north-eastern coast of the island.

The stunning Mount Teide is the highest point in all of Spain at 12,198 feet, it is also the most visited of Spain's National Parks, the most visited National Park in Europe and the 2nd most visited National Park in the World (only exceeded by Japan's Mount Fuji).

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