Lanzarote Weather Forecast

Check out the current Lanzarote weather or get a 10 day weather forecast for the island in the Canaries.

Weather in Lanzarote and 10 Day Forecast

Lanzarote Weather Forecast - Above you can see the current Lanzarote weather which is provided by, by clicking on the link you can get a 10 day weather forecast for Lanzarote and get an idea of what the climate is likely to be on your visit to the island. The featured weather is for the capital town of Arrecife but should be accurate for the main towns and resorts, for instance Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, San Bartolome, Playa Blanca, Tias, Teguise, Playa Hondo, Playa del Cable, and Tahiche.

This Lanzarote weather forecast is refreshed hourly and should be pretty accurate whenever you visit this page. The climate in Lanzarote is pleasant all year round though can get very hot during the summer months, and many choose to visit during the period December to March to avoid these searing temperatures, and as such Lanzarote is a popular winter holiday destination. When your visit is imminent it is always a good idea to check up on the forecast Lanzarote weather so that you know exactly what to expect during your stay, unless you are staying for a lengthy period the 10 day weather in Lanzarote link should be adequate for your needs. Whenever you are visiting, expect plenty of sunshine and bring an adequate suntan lotion for your skin type.

Lanzarote weather in January will most likely be sunny (about 7 hours per day) with maximum temperatures averaging around 21° C (70° Fahrenheit) and the sea temperature about 19° C (66° Fahrenheit). Lanzarote weather in February is similar to that of January though the average hours of sunshine increases to 8 hours per day. March weather averages out at a slightly higher 23° C (73° Fahrenheit), though again you can expect an average of around 8 hours per day. By April the weather in Lanzarote is warming up considerably and you can expect average daytime temperatures to reach almost 25° C (77° Fahrenheit).

The usual Lanzarote weather for May is again sunshine all the way with 9 hours per day being the average and once again an average temperature of some 25° Centigrade (77° Fahrenheit). The Lanzarote weather in June brings even longer hours of sunshine with a daily average of 11 hours and a further rise in average daytime temperatures to a scorching 28° C (82° Fahrenheit). July weather sees a slight drop in sunshine hours to 10 per day and a similar daytime temperature average of around 28° Centigrade (82° Fahrenheit). In August the sunny weather reaches its climax, with a daily average of 29° C (84° Fahrenheit) and 11 hours of sunshine each day, by August the sea temperatures have reached around 22° C (72° Fahrenheit). The Lanzarote weather in September provides similar high temperatures to August but with less hours of sunshine per day, though by now the sea temperatures can be even hotter than August after months of warming by constant sunshine.

The Lanzarote weather in October sees a lowering of average temperatures (27° C) and a further reduction in sunshine hours to 7 per day. The usual Lanzarote weather in November provides the lowest sunshine hours of the year (at about 6 per day) though average temperatures are still very pleasant at around 24° C (75° Fahrenheit). Finally the Lanzarote weather in December sees average daily temperatures back to 21° C (70° Fahrenheit) with approximately 7 hours of sunshine each day, somewhat better than in the United Kingdom! Be sure to call back for the latest Lanzarote weather forecast whenever you decide to visit.

With Lanzarote holidays being popular right through the year the island attracts around 1.5 million foreign visitors each year, most head for the busy coastal resorts such as Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca, Puerto Calero and Arrecife (the location of the airport). Coastal villages include Orzola, Caleta de Famara and Playa Quemada. Tourist attractions include the Timanfaya National Park, the Jameos del Agua caves, the Castillo de San Gabriel, the Guinate Tropical Park, the Cave of Los Verdes and the Cactus Garden.

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